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  TiO2 pigment

Titanium dioxide as an important basic chemical pigment, is widely used in construction, automotive, transportation, national defense and people's daily life and other fields. In the 50's of last century, non pigment level titanium dioxide products were started in our country. In the 1970s, titanium dioxide products gradually developed to anatase pigment level products. After the 1990s, high-grade rutile type products gradually occupied the market. In the production scale, the annual total capacity of the country’s titanium dioxide products has been rapidly expanded from about tens of thousands tons in early 1980s to current 2,800kt/a. At present the national titanium dioxide production capacity accounts for about 40% of total global production capacity. By the end of 2014 , there are 48 manufacturers and 57 plants producing the titanium dioxide product all over China, in which there are 5 plants whose capacity has reached more than 100kt/a. Sulfate process is used mainly.

With the adjustment of national industrial structure policy, gradual improvement of the user's requirements on product quality and pressure of titanium dioxide by sulfate process from national environmental laws, in recent years, the domestic enterprises began to transfer to the large-scale chloride process titanium dioxide production process with advanced technology. Now, 15kt/a chlorination process titanium pigment production lines of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Jinzhou Titanium Industry are in normal production, and its 30kt/a boiling chlorination process titanium pigment plant of Phase 3 also entered pilot production stage. 60kt/a chloride process titanium dioxide plant of Yunnan Xinli went on to normal production stage from trial production. In addition, there are several chloride process titanium dioxide projects of Panzhihua Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Burleigh Union Chemical Co., Ltd, Luoyang Wanji Group, etc. are in construction stage.

Position of ECEC in China’s titanium dioxide industry

ECEC has been deeply involved in every single stage of the development of China’s titanium dioxide industry, especially in the field of chlorination process titanium oxide. As an engineering company, ECEC is the only one in China making its persistent efforts in the whole history of the industry organizing or taking part in the activities of national planning of the industry, technology importing, technology improvement, key technical problem tackling, etc. ECEC’s endeavors positioned itself as an incomparable leader in the building of titanium dioxide pigment plants in China.

ECEC has a number of invention and utility model patents in the field of chlorination titanium dioxide, and has a 60kt / a of chloride process titanium dioxide process package. ECEC organized or participated in series of key projects of science and technology, involving chemical fiber titanium oxide, paper-making titanium oxide, titanium oxide waste sulphuric acid concentration, chlorination process titanium oxide industrialization test, the comprehensive utilization of Panzhihua vanadium titanium magnetite resources, and so on.

ECEC has built almost all the titanium dioxide plants in China whose capacity is more than 10kt/a. By the end of 2014, ECEC has undertaken the construction of more than 30 titanium oxide plants, typical engineering projects are given as follows:



Yugang Titanium Dioxide Pigment Co., Ltd., by sulphate process, 15kt/a (Phase I) titanium oxide project; 30kt/a (Phase II) titanium oxide extension project
30kt/a titanium dioxide relocation project of Zhenjiang Titanium Dioxide Chemical Co., Ltd.
50kt/a sulfate process titanium dioxide project of Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Chemical Co., Ltd.
5kt/a sulphate process rutile titanium oxide project of No.272 Plant of the Ministry of Nuclear Industry
40kt/a sulfate process rutile titanium oxide project of Titanium Industry Co. Ltd of Pangang Group
15kt/a (Phase I) chlorination process titanium oxide project and 30kt/a (Phase II) titanium oxide extension project of Jinzhou Ferro-Alloy Works
Yunnan Xinli 60kt/a chlorination process titanium oxide PMC general contract project
100kt/a chlorination process titanium oxide EPC general contract project of Pangang Group

In addition, ECEC also undertook pre-planning, site selection, project proposal and feasibility study report of almost all planned large chloride process titanium dioxide projects, specific projects are given as follows:





The feasibility study report of 200kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Panzihua Taihai
The feasibility study report of 100kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Jianghan Oilfield
The feasibility study report of 100kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
The feasibility study report of 100kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Sichuan Hongda Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd.
The feasibility study report of double 50kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Jiaozuo Kaiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.
The feasibility study report of 60kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Yunfu Huiyun Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
The site selection report of 320kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Xinli Lianyungang
The feasibility study report of 160kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant of Xinli Lianyungang



Sample projects:

Yunnan Xinli 60kt/a titanium oxide by chloride process
Owner: Yunnan Xinli Non-ferrous Metal Co., Ltd.
Plant capacity: 60kt/a
Technology: chloride process titanium oxide
Construction year: 2010
Main products: rutile titanium pigment of 4 brands
Process features: large free bed, upper slag fluidized bed chlorination technology; quench + cyclone dedusting technology; specially direct condensation technology; advance vanadium removal technology by mineral oil; advanced oxidation furnace design and fabrication technology; scar removal technology with oxidation furnace.

ECEC provided a careful and detailed design for the project, carried out company level scheme demonstration for key layout and process technology, and completed HAZOP analysis of the whole process. Through technology optimization and improvement of design, the process of the whole plant is safer and more reasonable, and equipment layout is more smooth and beautiful. During the execution of the project, ECEC, as PMC management general contractor, strictly control the quality of the project and coordinate the various construction party working relationship at the same time of ensuring project schedule to make the project complete successfully in accordance with the expected goal of Owner. ECEC also provided startup service during trial production of the plant. Based on mutual efforts of project group and startup team of the company, Yunnan Xinli 60kt/a chloride process titanium oxide plant was successfully commissioned in one stroke. At present, boiling chlorination furnace has a continuous production record of more than 6 months, The technical indicators, such as grain size of oxidation base material, content of rutile, particle size distribution, etc. have reached the level of domestic first-class. The first batch of products have been exported to Korea, and strategic cooperation agreements with the domestic paint giant companies such as PGP, etc. have been signed. The plant also therefore obtained praise and affirmation from domestic and foreign experts.



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