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  Water Supply
Water supply industry in China started as early as 1879. In 1950s, the Chinese government issued the first standard for quality of water. Since then some water supply projects had been built in both urban and rural areas. By 1960, number of cities in China with water supply system was increased to 171 with the total capacity of water supply reached 10,208,000m3/d. This capacity was further increased to 29,790,000m3/d by the year 1980. In 1980s and 1990s, the Chinese water supply industry was rapidly expanded. Numerous water supply projects put into production one after another, and the total capacity of water supply reached 115,138,000m3/d. Efficiency of water utilization has been remarkably improved in recent years due to the wide application of computerized automation and control. During this period, Chinese government promulgated series of laws, decrees and codes for water supply industry, ensuring water supply with better quality.

Making full use of its Water Treatment Research Institute and China National Chemical Water Supply & Sewerage Design and Technology Center, ECEC has developed series of applicable water supply technology & equipment and water quality stabilizing agent, serving ECEC in the process water supply, circulating water supply and domestic water supply of its projects.

With its full experience and technological advantage in water supply and sewage areas, ECEC began to be involved in urban water supply projects in early 1980s. ECEC has completed dozens of urban water supply projects with various raw water sources and gained wide reputation from clients.

Typical ECEC projects in water supply include:


Shanxi Yuanping Chemical Fertilizer Plant, 30000m3/d
Chaoxian Vinylon Plant, 50000m3/d
Huainan General Chemical Works, 220000m3/d
Yunnan Nitrogenous Fertilizer Plant, 50000m3/d
Xining Chemical Fertilizer Plant, 30000m3/d
Chongqing Yugang TiO2 Pigment Co., Ltd., 30000m3/d
Xuanzhou Tap Water Co., 1st and 2nd Phase, 50000m3/d, 100000m3/d
Um-Qasr Water Treatment Plant, Iraq, 118000m3/d
Jiuhuashan Tap Water Co., 10000m3/d
Hanshan county Tap Water Co., 50000m3/d
Taihu County Tap Water Co., 10000m3/d
Huaiyuan Tap Water Co., 25000m3/d
Funan County Tap Water Co., 30000m3/d
Yinshang County Water Supply Co., 30000m3/d
Si County Water Supply, 20000m3/d


Sample project:

 Xuanzhou 100,000t/d Tap Water Project, 2nd Phase.

Water Intake Pump House
In the 2nd phase, the water supply capacity of the water intake pump station is 150 kt/d. The pumps are three in operation and one standby.

Water Delivery Line
In the 1st phase, two DN600 ductile iron pipelines with the length of about 4.5km for each were used for the delivery of water from the intake pump station to water plant.
In the 2nd phase, in order to ensure the water supply from intake pump station to No. 3 Water Plant, two DN800 ductile iron pipelines are newly constructed.

Water Purification
The treatment process adopted for the 2nd phase consists of the following:
• Pipe-Type Mixing
• Combined type baffle plates flocculation and horizontal flow settling tank
• Filter Tank
• Washing Pump House
• High Lift Pump House
• Clean Water Storage Tank
• Dosing Room
• Sterilization
• Wastewater Treatment



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