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  Coal Chemicals

Coal chemical industry refers to the conversion of coal into gas, liquid, solid fuels and chemicals after chemical processing with coal as raw material. It mainly covers coking, gasification, liquefaction of coal as well as tar processing and carbide acetylene chemical engineering , etc. As the world oil resources decrease, coal chemical industry has broad prospects for development.

In the production technology of coal processing and utilization, coking process technology is one of the earliest applications, and it is still an important part of the chemical industry.

Coal gasification occupies an important position in the coal chemical industry and is used in the production of various types of gas fuel. It is a clean energy and is conducive to the improvement of people's living standard and environmental protection. Synthetic gas produced by coal gasification is the raw material of many products such as synthetic liquid fuel, chemical raw materials, etc.

Direct coal liquefaction (high-pressure coal hydrogenation liquefaction for production of gasoline and diesel) and indirect coal liquefaction (through gasification of coal for synthesis of gasoline and diesel), can produce synthetic petroleum and chemical products. The shortage of petroleum, liquefied coal products can replace natural oil.

China coal chemical industry began in the latter half of the eighteenth Century and formed a complete system of coal chemical industry in the nineteenth Century.In the twentieth Century, many organic chemicals using agricultural products as raw materials have taken coal as raw material, coal chemical industry has become an important part of chemical industry.After the twenty-first Century, with the turbulence of global oil market and rise of the oil price, coal has received more and more attention because coal reserves are huge and can be used as a possible alternative to oil resources.

In China,coal chemical industry is divided into the traditional coal chemical industry and new type coal chemical industry.New type coal chemical industry refers to the products taking clean energy and chemicals as targets,usually refers to coal to oil,coal to methanol,coal to dimethyl ether,coal to olefine and coal to EG and so on.Traditional coal chemical industry involves coke,calcium carbide,synthetic ammonia and so on.

In China, ECEC is one of the engineering corporation with the most strength and good engineering experience in both the traditional coal chemical industry and new type coal chemical industry, of many years ECEC has constructed dozens of plants in the fields of coal to ammonia, coal to methanol, FMTP, coal to glycol, coal to natural gas, coal to liquid and coke oven gas processing , etc.You may click any of the following fields for more information.

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