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  Tank Farm of Oil,Gas and Chemicals
ECEC has undertaken more than 100 projects in the field of tank farm for oil, gas and chemicals. The projects cover ordinary storage tanks, spherical tanks, low-temperature tanks and floating-roof tanks. The projects include:






Zhuhai Winbase International Chemical Tank Terminal Co., Ltd. (Phase II) Total capacity of chemicals tanks is 45,000 m3 with dome top (internal floating roof). The total capacity of the oil product storage tanks is 294,000m3 with dome roof (internal floating roof).

Nanjingwan chemical storage project of Sinochem-Gree, total capacity: chemical and oil product storage tanks of 84,650m3

1000kt/a natural gas-based methanol project of Inner Mongolia em Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., total capacity: methanol storage tank of 120,000m3

Natural gas comprehensive utilization project of Huabei Oilfield Guangan Natural Gas Co., Ltd., capacity of single tank:20,000m3 LNG storage tank

Liquid ammonia storage and transport system expansion and renovation project of Anqing Petrochemical Works, total capacity: 12,000m3 liquid ammonia spherical tank , capacity of single tank:6000 m3

Vietnam Haiphong DAP Project, total capacity: 20,000m3 liquid ammonia low temperature tanks, capacity of single tank:10,000m3


Sample projects:

Zhuhai Winbase Storage Expansion Project (Phase II).

User: Zhuhai Winbase International Chemical Tank Terminal Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Winbase International Chemical Tank Terminal Co., Ltd. completed two jetties in 2001, one is 50,000 tons grade (80,000 tons of ship can be berthed) and another is 5,000 tons grade; annual throughput of two jetties is 1,200,000 tons. At present, the total storage capacity of the constructed storage has reached 114,000 m3.

The capacity of single storage tank of Zhuhai Winbase Storage Expansion (Phase II) project is 2000-50000 m3. The varieties of storage and transport are chemicals and oil products. Chemicals categories are: styrene, dimethyl benzene, methylbenzene, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, phenol, acetone, methyl methacrylate, butyl acrylate, acetic acid, butyl acetate, dimethyl formamide; the categories of oil products are: imported fuel oil, home-made fuel oil, aviation kerosene, diesel oil and gasoline. The total capacity of chemicals storage tanks is 45,000 m3; the total capacity of oil product storage tanks is 294,000 m3. Annual total capacity of storage and transfer is 3,110,000 tons. This project was completed in January 2005.

Nanjingwan chemical storage project of Sinochem-Gree Oil Terminal Co., LTD.

Nanjingwan chemical storage project of Sinochem-Gree (Phase I), total capacity of storage tanks:84,650m3. Capacity of the maximum storage tank: 25,000m3 Varieties of storage are PX, glacial acetic acid, acetone methyl ethyl butanone, styrene, methanol, dinbutyl phthalate, DOP, DMF, diethylene glycol, ethylene alcohol, OX, isooctyl slcohol, isononyl alcohol , etc. The plant was built in May 2009.



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