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  Inorganic Salts

For most of the inorganic salt products in China, supply has exceeded demand or supply and demand have reached balance, but few of the products still need to be imported. Currently the capacity and output of more than ten products have exceeded demand, including barium carbonate, sodium sulfide, anhydrous sodium sulfate, etc. The supply of sodium cyanide, sodium bichromate, etc. has fallen short of demand. But for most of the products supply and demand have reached balance. In recent years, about 200 products have been exported from China with an export volume of about 6,000,000 tons.

With the development of national economy and improvement of people’s living standard, China has developed many new products in recent years, such as laminate sodium silicate that meets the requirements for phosphor restriction or phosphor prohibition in detergents. Globular nickelous hydroxide, the electrode material of nickel-hydrogen battery, and superfine silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate, etc. have been put into mass production.

Position of ECEC in the industry of inorganic salts

ECEC has participated in the engineering consultation, design, technology import, technology development and science & technology brainstorming, etc. of many domestic and foreign inorganic salt products and played an important role in industries of nanometer-grade calcium carbonate, titanium pigment, sodium bichromate, potassium nitrate and potassium chloride etc. ECEC can provide services of engineering consultation, engineering design and general contracting to our clients.

Typical projects


Anhui Chaohu Chaodong 10kt/a nanometer-grade calcium carbonate project
10t/d lithopone project of Pakistan Sihara Chemical Complex
10kt/a potassium nitrate project of the PLA Chemical Fertilizer Plant in Kunming
20kt/a sodium bichromate project of Chongqing Pesticide Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
1200kt/a potash fertilizer project of Congo (Brazzaville)
Yunnan Xinli 60kt/a titanium oxide by chloride process
5kt/a iron carbonyl and 10kt/a carbonyl nickel project of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.


Sample project:

20kt/a sodium bichromate project of Chongqing Pesticide Chemical Industry (Group) Co. Ltd.

The process package was introduced from Baltimore Manufacturing Plant of Allied-Signal Inc., USA, and the basic engineering design and detailed engineering design for this project were undertaken by ECEC. In 1998, the plant was put into operation with the main products of sodium bichromate dihydrate, anhydrous sodium bichromate, anhydrous chromic acid and basic chromium sulfate, their quality indexes have reached the international advanced level.

Technical characteristics of the plant: the plant has realized large scale, mechanical and continuous production and DCS control of the entire flow. It has top-level technical and economic indexes in China. Residue discharge is only half of that of the traditional process in China, and there is almost no wastewater discharge. It was equipped with complete utilities and wastes treatment facilities.

Main process features:
The conversion rate of the two-stage aluminum-fixing roasting process exceeds 92%, and neutralization is not necessary to remove aluminum in subsequent process since its content in yellow liquor is very low;
Full automatic leaching production line of mobile tanks with leaching rate of 99%;
Continuous acidification treatment, automatic control of acidification rate;
Three-effect forced circulation evaporation with high evaporation efficiency;
Continuous crystallization, controllable particle size of crystals;
The controlled drying of sodium bichromate dihydrate makes the product unlikely to cake during its storage, handling and use;
Exclusive production of anhydrous sodium bichromate in China, with evident market advantage;
Continuous anhydrous chromic acid production process, low unit product consumption, high production efficiency and first class product quality;
Stable plant production, zero discharge of wastewater during normal operation.

5kt/a iron carbonyl and 10kt/a carbonyl nickel project of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.

ECEC and Jinshan Group jointly completed the industrialization development.
Technical characteristics of the plant: medium pressure synthesis technology is used to
obtain carbonyl nickel powder, nickel iron powder, ferrous powder and nickel pellet, etc.

Main process features:
Rotary medium pressure reactor, atmospheric distillation and decomposition process is used for production of carbonyl nickel. Medium pressure fixed reactor and atmospheric decomposition process is used for production of carbonyl iron.
Synthesis conversion efficiency of nickel in copper nickel alloy is more than 90%, synthesis conversion efficiency of sponge iron is about 95%.
Two stage rectification is used for production of carbonyl nickel to assure product purity.
Developed carbonyl nickel and carbonyl iron decomposition reactors can control decomposition conditions to obtain a great variety of powders with multiple functions.
Capacity of single nickel pellet decomposer is 5000 t/a and stable production is realized.
Only small quantities of waste water and waste gas is discharged from the plant and harmlessness discharge is realized.



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