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Since it’s founding in 1963 as an engineering-driven firm, ECEC has completed about 2000 engineering and design services for the projects categorized by Fields and Expertise. Working closely with owners and responsibly to project requirement, the firm has served customers throughout China and other countries such as DPRK, Pakistan, Iran, Chile, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Iraq, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Tunisia, Republic of Congo, etc… The rich experience of ECEC engineers and designers ensure customers the best design and planning to expedite construction while maintaining cost-effective. ECEC enjoys the confidence of many customers who have responded with repeat orders.

ECEC's team covers dozens of disciplines such as the process, piping, vessels, rotating machinery, material handling, industrial furnace, electrical, instrumentation, telecommunication, corrosion protection & insulation, civil & architecture, concrete structure & steel structure, plot plan, water supply & drainage, fire fighting, laboratory & analytical testing, HVAC, etc. This ensures ECEC’s provision of full-functional engineering services to the customers.

We manage the design of a project by using capabilities that provide a detailed review of programming information to determine programme requirements, operating costs, schedules, cost estimating, budgets, logistics and phasing. ECEC's team is fully supported with the up-to-date office facilities and design tools. Main office facilities and engineering software presently applied include:

1300 high performance computers and hundreds of imported laser plotters
30 sets of Dell and HP servers and 3D CAD workstations
Integrated application system of design and management by INTRANET, a set of business information platform developed for project management using the LAN as support
Smart Plant 3D, PDS and Intools
Whole set of plant design software from USA, Belgium, etc., including Autoplant, Aspen Plus, Caser II, BR&E ProMax, Naviswork for chemical engineering design; SCIA steel structure, PKPM, SAP2000 for architectural & structural design; TANK, SW6 for equipment design; Intools for instrument design; ETAP for electrical, SP Material, P3EC for project management and many other professional software.

Possession of or access to advanced technologies is a key factor for a company to maintain a leading position in the fields of its engineering activities. ECEC is proud of its constant technical innovation and access to up-to-date technologies from world famous licensors.

ECEC has provided engineering and design services for about 2000 projects, and hereunder are some typical examples:


300kt/a Synthetic Ammonia, 520kt/a Urea, Anqing Petrochemical Complex. The plant was one of the thirteen large scale nitrogenous fertilizer plants constructed in China in the late 1970’s based on western technology.
1600t/h Ethylene Wastewater Treatment Plant, Yangzi Petrochemical Complex. It was the first complicated industrial waste water treatment plant of this kind ever designed by a Chinese firm in China.
800kt/a Pyrite-based Sulfuric Acid Plant, Guizhou Hongfu Industrial Company. The capacity of the plant was the largest one in Asia using pyrite as raw material and based on Lurgi process.
15kt/a TiO2 Pigment Plant by sulfate process, Chongqing Yugang TiO2 Pigment Co., Ltd. The capacity of the plant was the largest in China at the time being built.
15kt/a TiO2 Pigment Plant by chloride process, Jinzhou Ferro-Alloy Factory, the first plant by chloride process in China.
50,000t/a TiO2 Pigment Project (Sulphate Process), Jinpu Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
80,000t/a TiO2 Pigment Project (Sulphate Process, Two Phases), Anhui Annada Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd.
60,000t/a TiO2 Pigment Project (Chloride Process) Yunan Xinli Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.
12kt/a Melamine Plant, Phase II, Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Co., Ltd. The plant was the first one based on western technology with the largest capacity in China.
Qinghuandao 600 kt/a NPK Compound Fertilizers Project, Sino-Arab Chemical Fertilizers Co. Ltd. The capacity of the plant is the biggest in China at the time it was built.
240kt/a DAP Plant, Bangladesh Chemical Industrial Corporation. It was the first time for a Chinese firm to export engineering services for a DAP plant with such capacity.
25kt/a MEK Project, PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company. This plant proves the incomparable capability of ECEC in the building of MEK plants. • 30 kt/a MEK Project, Xinjiang Tianli High & New-technology Co., Ltd. The capacity of the plant is the biggest at present in China.
150,000m3/d Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pingdingshan Municipality
2 million m3/d LNG, 2x30000m3 storage tank Project, Yangling LNG Investment Co., Ltd.
1 million m3/d LNG, 20,000m3 storage tank Project, Huayou LNG (Guangyuan) Co., Ltd.
330kt/a Di-Ammonia Phosphate, 170 kt/a Phosphoric Acid, 400kt/a Sulfuric Acid, 12MW Thermal Power Plant project at Dinh Vu Economic Zone in Haiphong, Vietnam National Chemical Corporation (VINACHEM).
1800t/d(Sulfur)Sulfuric Acid with 24MW Thermal Power Plant, Groupe Chimique Tunisien (GCT), Tunisia.
1200kt/a Potassium Fertilizer Plant in Republic of Congo, MagIndustries
600t/d Sulfuric Acid Project in Republic of Korea, COSMO Chemical Co., Ltd.
Multi-slurry Gasification 300kt/a Coal-base Methanol, 150kt/a DME project, Guizhou Shuicheng Mine Industry Group Corporation.
Coal slurry Gasification 300kt/a Coal-base Methanol, 300kt/a Synthetic Ammonia project, Guizhou Jinchi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shell Gasification 300kt/a Coal-base Synthetic Ammonia, Hefei Sifang Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
2 billion M3 Coal based natural gas project, Yili Xintian Group.
2 million t/a Ammonia, 3.5 million t/a Urea Utility Project (Phase I), China Coal erdos Energy Chemical Ltd.
1.2 million t/a DME Project (Phase I), Mengda New Energy Co., Ltd.
Coal-base hydrogen Project of Anhui Shuguang Chemical Group Upgrading and Revamping Projects
4 Billion Nm3/a Coal-base Natural Gas, Xuzhou Coal Mining Group Corporation
680kt/a Coal Based New Material Project: Purification, Air Separation, Air Compressing and C4 Olefin Convert, Shenhua CTL Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
2000kt/a CTL: Overall Management + Gasification+Purification, Yitai Xinjiang Ganquanbao
300kt/a Coal to Glycol, Inner Mongolia Connell Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
600kt/a Coal to Olefin, Heilongjiang Longtai Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.
ECEC employees combine in-plant experience with advanced engineering skills to serve you with practical design solutions. ECEC exists to deliver service and innovative engineering capability in support of our customers’ success.




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